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As a DevOps with over 6 years of experience, I specialize in optimizing and automating Linux systems to improve operational efficiency, scalability and reliability. I have extensive experience working with cloud infrastructure, container orchestration, CI/CD pipelines, and other DevOps best practices. My goal is to help businesses achieve their objectives quickly and efficiently by leveraging the power of DevOps.


I have extensive experience in Docker, with over 5 years of containerisation experience. I have successfully converted legacy applications to containerised applications and microservices, providing businesses with increased scalability and flexibility. I also specialize in creating containerised applications from the ground up, ensuring that the application is optimised for containerisation.


I have extensive experience in using Terraform, an infrastructure as a code service, to automate deployment, management, and provisioning of cloud resources. With my expertise, I can help you quickly create, modify, and update your entire infrastructure using Terraform's powerful configuration language. My experience includes managing, configuring, and optimizing cloud resources to ensure that your applications and services are always running smoothly.


With my expertise in Kubernetes, I can provide a wide range of services, from setting up and managing on-prem and cloud-based clusters to providing full managed services such as ECS Fargate and GKE Autopilot. I have over 5 years of experience in the orchestration tool and have the knowledge and skills to help you optimize your Kubernetes environment.

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